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Write a professional CV

The first thing you should when you are looking for a new job is preparing your CV. On like on many other job sites you register with your details using our standard form. Nevertheless you should prepare your CV first to make sure you got all your data right. Also when you get invited by a potential employer you will most likely be asked to provide your own standalone CV as well. Consider this a example for the quality of work that you will deliver when hired.

proper contact data
Make sure to provide accurate contact data where employers can really reach you. Use a professional sounding webmail account (nothing weird or funny in the name).

share your achievements
A CV should list what you did and when but do not just make it a boring list. Add things that are interesting for the reader such as your achievements or special experiences that you gained

avoid unnecessary information
No need to add your primary school unless there is something special about it. Also certificates you took which sound boring are not relevant to the job you better skip.

clean CV
Make your CV look clean. It is the first piece of work that you show your employer so it better be perfect. Spelling mistakes and messy formatting really put employers off, especially if there is many candidates to chose from.

creative design
Make your CV look good and make use of fonts and formatting. You can also be very creative and give it a special design. However, be reasonable with it. The CV should still be easy and fast to read. Plus make the design match the position you apply for. If you apply as graphic designer you can take more freedom in the design than if you apply as a quality manager position.

Negotiate your salary

Getting an offer for the right job that matches your interests and aspiration is the first big step. However, you still need to take that last step and negotiate your salary. Whatever you settle with in the beginning will be base of any future wage development in your new position so you better get this right. In international surveys just 5% of all employees state that they are entirely happy with their pay while a thrid express strong unhappiness with their salary. You want to make sure you are in the 5% or as close to that as possible. Your salary is not just money you can spend on stuff you enjoy or invest into the future. What you get paid is also putting a value on your work, contribution to your employer and the company's bottom line. You should get a pay that matches the value that you create.

There is many things to consider when negotiating for salary. We just want to focus on four main items to make this a managable list:
be confident and know your worth
Only if you are sure what you deserve and can express that convincingly will you be able to negotiate for your objectives. Explain what you can achieve based on your past performance in other jobs or other situations. Your argument should focus on the added value that you can create.

careful when you give a target range
Whenever you give a salary range you aspire you should be aware that your counterpart will focus on the bottom of your given range. Do not put that lower than what you could really be satisfied with.

get your timing right Only talk about salary when you almost got the job already. You will be in a much stronger position to negotiate if your prospective employer already reached a decision that you are the top candidate. If you talk to several people in the interviewing process make sure you understand who makes the decision on pay and focus your salary negotation on that person.

carefull with bluffing Do not go far too high or make claims that are not untrue. If the employer is not accepting your salary request you need to be able to turn it around and accept something lower without losing face. So you need to consider this as well: How urgently do you want a job? How important is this particular position for your career? Based on that decide how low you can really go and keep your option open.

Beware of Scam Jobs

Many are afraid of scam jobs when looking for a job online . Yes this is indeed something that does exist and you should be aware of it. However, the good news is that it is actually something quite rare and such a scam is not that difficult to spot. A scam job offer is basically created to make you pay some money for something that has no value. An alternative scam, could be to get your help with some illegal activity such as money laundering.
How do you spot a scam job offer?
The simple answer to this question is really to use your common sense. Just do some basic research on the potential employer and you will usually quickly find out if it is a real and genuine business.
  • Ask for the company website. If that does not exist or looks weird you should be very sceptical. Look at their website and check if it describes the company's business in a way that matches what the potential employer told you. You can also check out when the website domain was first set-up. Go to a service like Domain Age Checker to find out when this company page was created.
  • Is the employer only using a webmailer address such as Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail? Ask for a company email address. Even if they like using their Gmail account they should have some company email that matches their corporate website.
  • Are you being contact through social media such as Facebook for the job? That is an immediate alarm signal. It can happen that somebody contacts you through Facebook for a job but it is really rare. If you do get contacted through social media ask for a company email also.
  • Do you get an offer that sounds to good to be true? Be on your guard, it maybe just not true and only put on the table to lure you into something else. If you get a job offer too quickly without even a proper interview process that should make you think. Also if you are being offer a ridiculously high salary that makes no sense it could be a sign that something is dishonest about the person you are dealing with. If this happens you should intensify the research about the company to make sure they are genuine.
  • Check out social networks yourself. You should be able to find other people that work for the potential employer. Most larger companies should have staff that is present on LinkedIn. Search this professional social network for people working at your potential employer. If that does not yield anything you can also check other social media such as Facebook to see if there is people stating that they work for this company.
  • Is the potential employer asking you to pay some admin fee for your application? That should never be the case and is reason to walk away. Is there any expense that they ask you to pay first and be reimbursed alter? That could happen under certain circumstances. If you ever face this situation you should just ask yourself if it is reasonable or practical that they ask you to work this way. If not it might be better to forgo the apparent opportunity.
With these simple checks you can make sure you do not fall for a scam. You should be on your guard but there is no reason to panic. It is quite easy to stay safe.

Find your perfect job match

Aspiring to find a great job to build your career is the right thing to do. You should not just find any job but something that is really good. After all we spend a high portion of our life-time working. So you better spend this time on something that you like and find rewarding. Whether this is a perfect job match is questionable but we think we should really find a great job.

get your objectives right
The first thing you should do to find your perfect job is to write down what you really want. What are your intentions and what do you want to achieve? You should think about the areas you are interested to work in. Also consider what your strengths and weaknesses are. If you cannot succeed in a particular career because of of lack of motivation or skills you will not gain in the long run. Think also about the long term prospects and potential salaries in the industry you are interested in. Are these jobs safe in the future?

scan the market
Once you decided what jobs you want to consider check out the job market. Sign-up with your profile on our and see what jobs match your profile. Also scan both our listings as well as other online job portals and jobs in newspapers. If you do this regularly for a few weeks you will get a good idea of what jobs are currently on offer. Learn about different job titles and job descriptions and find what are the ones that meet your wish list. You will also see which companies are hiring a lot and are currently expanding.

apply for enough open positions
When you found what you are looking for you should obviously apply for the job. However, remember that you may not be successful right away. Doing applications and going through interviews is a learning process. You can learn from the experience and improve your CV and application over time. Also each interview is an opportunity to get better at talking with potential employers. Becuae of this learning curve you really want to make sure you gain experience. If you do not get invited for your dream job at first you should apply for other somewhat related positions. Even if you are not interested this is a chance to get an interview and learn in the process.

Social media and job hunting

Most of us use social media and many use them every day and many times per day. However, many job applications do not understand how important social media have become for finding a employment. Nowadays social media can be a way to get you a job but at the same time the same social media may also make you lose out in the selection process for an open position.

social medial can get you a job
Through your private social media contacts you may actually be able to become aware of job openings. Share your career objectives or aspirations with your close friends. If they come across something they might share with you some job opportunity that is not even being advertised publicly. A friend of a friend could become a new employer.
More important for your job hunt is your professional social media account. There is a number of professional social media networks but by far the most important one is LinkedIn. The importance of creating and maintaining a proper profile on LinkedIn is still underestimated by many candidates. You should treat your LinkedIn profile like a public CV. There is head hunters and HR managers who actually search for profiles on LinkedIn to identify potential candidates. In addition to updating your profile you should also make it a habit to regularly expand your network. Add people that you met as business contacts to grow your connections. Search for people in companies that interest you and try to link up with them. In the long run these can become important connections.

social medial can make you not get a job
An international survye of HR managers showed that more than 20% decision makers check candidates social media profiles before hiring a person. In some industries such as banking or advertising there is even close to 30% of HR managers checking on this. The social media networks that are most often checked include LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Most of the time when such checks strongly influence a hiring decision it is in a negative way. A harmless, friendly Facebook account will not have any major impact on your job hunt. However, if your comments or pictures on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter show something that looks negative or questionable an employer may decide to avoid the risk and not hire you. Keep this in mind when you make public comments or appearances on social media. They can really backfire. So the best recommendation is moderation. Restrain yourself when you express political views, be careful what you LIKE or negatively comment on, do not write anything that you might regret tomorrow. A clean and friend profile is what you should aim for.

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